frequently asked questions

At EEMC we love getting people onto Electric Motorbikes; we are launching a competition website to make it easier than ever to give you the chance to get on the road and join the EV revolution!

What is the competition?

After answering a qualifying question entrants are provided a unique number, this number will be your entry into the ‘draw’. The prize will be as advertised on the competition website as will number of tickets to be sold and the draw date. A limited number of entries will be available for each competition.

How do i get my numbers?

When you have answered the qualifying question and payment has been processed your unique numbers will be generated. You will receive a copy of these via email confirmation and they will be accessible via your EEMC shop account.

How do i pay?

Payment is via the EEMC competitions website using Paypal (you do not need a Paypal account) payments – we only offer online payments through Paypal.

How is the draw made?

The draw will be made using Google’s random number generator, the specific competition’s ticket number range will be entered into the software and the number chosen will be declared the winner. At the point of carrying out the draw live on Facebook the process will be demonstrated, and a list of names/entry numbers will be available via the EEMC website.

Will you deliver the bike?

The prize includes delivery of the bike to an address in the UK. We can arrange delivery to outside of the UK at cost of the competition winner.

What about servicing?

By being an EEMC customer, you will have access to our mobile servicing – we cover the entire UK to enable our customer’s bike to have access to trained and qualified HV technicians.

What about licencing, insurance and RFL?

Any licence requirements, insurance and the arranging of RFL will be the responsibility of the competition winner. Not all Electric Motorbikes require a full Motorbike licence in fact, many are CBT friendly- keep an eye on the competitions for a bike to suit your needs!

Bike Modifications

We can offer our comprehensive range of additional components to any of the bikes won at additional cost to the winner.

How many tickets can I buy?

Depending on the Competiton we limit the number of tickets available to a individual which can be found on each Competiton page.